Trees, buildings and development

Mortgage Reports

Mortgage tree reports are sometimes requested by insurers and mortgage companies before a property purchase can occur. These detail relevant trees, and assess their condition in order to highlight any potential risks, such as future damage to structures or surfaces, and subsidence potential.

Where significant issues are raised, these may be used to negotiate with vendors.

Tree Survey to BS:5837, Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA), and Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)

Haine Tree Services are able to provide the tree survey, arboricultural impact assessment and arboricultural method statement that are required for planning applications involving development sites with trees.

The plans required for the planning application will be provided in CAD format, showing:
  • The location, dimensions, and value class of the relevant trees
  • Trees to be removed, and any protection measures to be implemented
  • Areas requiring replanting

Subsidence Investigations

Haine Tree Services are able to undertake investigations into subsidence or heave; including the collection and interpretation of:
  • Soil moisture content profiles
  • Soil suction
  • Oedometer readings
  • Level distortion surveys
Reports can be produced describing subsidence and heave potential, as well as providing evidence for tree preservation order (TPO) applications, compensation or third party/legal claims, and provide details on the remedial options available.

Planting Plans

Plans and specifications can be produced in order to establish a cost effective, sustainable, and successful tree planting. These take into account any potential site constraints, and your vision of the development, so as to provide you with a tree planting which is ensured to be long lived and problem free.

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Broken branches in a tree in a residential area

An old pruning wound allowing decay in a stem

Example of a tree planting plan tree