Tree pruning

Skilled tree pruning is vital to maintain and promote a tree's health and growth and enhance its beauty. As certified and experienced tree surgeons we have the expertise to determine which pruning techniques will be best suited for your trees depending on characteristics including their age, shape, size, condition, location and tree species. Our high quality tree pruning leaves the trees in a natural looking shape without any compromise to their health.

Depending on your requirements our tree pruning may include any of the following:
  • Crown reduction
    Crown reduction involves reducing the height and spread of the tree but keeping the same shape
  • Crown reshaping
    Crown reshaping involves reducing part of the canopy to correct the overall shape of the tree, for example where a tree has grown toward the sunlight and become lopsided.
  • Crown lifting
    Crown lifting describes the removal of the lowest limbs of the tree to give more headroom under the canopy
  • Thinning
    Thinning removes selected branches within the crown to reduce the density of the canopy, thereby creating more light and air flow
  • Repollarding
    Repollarding is a method of pruning by which a tree's branches are cut back to an established pollard head
  • Removal of dead and decaying branches
  • Removal of crossing branches
As a general rule, not more than approximately a third of a tree should be removed through pruning in any given year. We will only prune as much as is safe - to ensure your tree's health is never compromised.

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