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Whether it be a detailed inspection of one tree, or the surveying and mapping of thousands, Haine Tree Services are able to provide surveys, inspections and reports to meet any of your requirements.

Tree surveys

A tree survey is a valuable tool to aid you in the management of your tree population. We will discuss your requirements with you in order to tailor the survey parameters to suit your needs. Trees included in the survey will be assigned a unique identification number, and can also be plotted and mapped in either CAD or GIS format.

The two main types of surveys we provide are:

Tree Inventories

These help you to better understand the diversity and traits of your tree population; such as: age, vitality, size, and value (economical or ecological). By assessing these factors, recommendations can be given on improving the tree population’s resistance to disease, highlight areas for new planting, and recommend and prioritise any necessary maintenance work.

Safety Surveys

By undertaking a safety survey of your tree population, and by following the advice provided within the report, you will be meeting your legal obligations as laid out in the Occupiers Liability Act (1957 & 1984), and The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974).

Tree inspections

Often, following a survey a percentage of the trees may require a more detailed inspection. In these situations a report will be produced describing and evaluating the individual tree and its condition. Tree inspections may require the use of state of the art decay detection equipment such as PICUS or Resistograph to analyse the quality of the trees internal tissues, or the laboratory analysis of pests and diseases.

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Example of a tree survey

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