Tree care services Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Haine Tree Services, led by experienced tree surgeon Peter Haine, offers residential and commercial tree care services to all customers in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

We are fully insured and accredited and have been a "Recommended, Vetted and Monitored" member of Checkatrade since 2011. We are popular with our customers because our service is personal and honest, and we reliably and consistently deliver high quality work.

Our tree care services cover:
  • Tree removal
    Diseased or damaged trees pose significant risks from falling branches to those living nearby. Haine Tree Services offers qualified and efficient tree removal services in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire that eliminate the dangers associated with fallen branches.
    If your trees are covered by a Tree Preservation Order or are in Conservation Areas, we will contact the local authority on your behalf, taking care of all the paperwork for you.
  • Stump grinding / stump removal
    Tree removal usually leaves a stump that can look unsightly. Our tree stump removal service for customers in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire takes care of this. We use powerful stump grinding equipment to take tree stumps to below ground level.
  • Reduction and lifting of tree crowns Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
    Our tree crown lifting and crown reduction services restore the appearance of overgrown trees to promote a natural shape that lets more sunlight into your garden.
  • Hedge cutting Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
    With our specialist hedge cutting and trimming equipment we can keep your hedge in great shape whatever its size. We also specialise in shaping hedges into popular features such as arches, domes or cones.
Once our tree works are done, we always leave your garden tidy, any arisings will be taken away to be recycled or composted.

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